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Welcome to Ditlihi Originals (dee-tlee-hee), Handcrafted DIY Original Creations &Design.Made in USA.

Please note: We are only taking online orders at this time due to COVID-19 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS. We offer FREE USA SHIPPING. Usually ship in 2-3 days. ALL items on this site are Hand Made in the USA. We provide SPECIALTY Made-to-Order offers (when applicable) so we can CUSTOMIZE a piece to YOUR OWN PERSONAL color choices! WooHoo!!

Ditlihi Originals is a Minority-Black Owned Small Business currently "Sheltered-In" and working from home to Produce, Promote and/or Provide AMAZING Hand-Crafted Original Creations that will inspire and encourage others who are also "at home" needing a smile!

Jewelry, Art, All-Natural Bath & Beauty, Furniture, Leather Works, and Home Decor & Accessories are just SOME of the categories you can expect to see very unique, "one-of-a-kind", designs by Ditlihi Originals and her Handcrafting friends.

Feel free to check out our shop soon for available sale items. We are having an INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL to celebrate our NEW website:

...and also to WELCOME YOU and THANK YOU for visiting us! So If you like our site, and would like 20% OFF of your first order, then please LIKE and/or SHARE OUR PAGE by clicking here?:

...and if you want to see the latest creative designs from Ditlihi Originals first, and would like 20% OFF of your first order, then please FOLLOW OUR PAGE here?:

Happy browsing, We Love You, Stay Safe!... and please visit again soon! We will be posting our inventory frequently on Facebook and Instagram as well for browsing.

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